Cloud Power to the People

BY Mind Over Machines
3 minute read

The tech world is abuzz with news coming out of Microsoft Ignite 2018: new tools to try, new features to eagerly anticipate, and of course, lots of to-do lists. Brad Anderson’s Why and how you simplify IT with Microsoft 365 caught our eye, but not for the reasons you might think....


Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?

BY Mind Over Machines
4 minute read

There are hundreds of definitions of what the cloud is, but at its most basic, cloud computing is about the ability to enhance enterprise value through more efficient use of IT resources.  As with any other IT solution, the first major step when considering a cloud-based solution is...


Welcome to the Cloud Neighborhood

BY Mind Over Machines
5 minute read

Your system is mission critical. It has hundreds, thousands, or even millions of daily users and it must continue to perform its functions no matter what. But it’s now 10-15 years old, and though it has served its purpose faithfully and is still a solid performer, the time has come to...


Are You Ready for the Cloud?

BY Mind Over Machines
7 minute read

Now that most in the business world have some level of awareness about “the cloud” and its benefits, there seems to be an explosion of hype, panic, and confusion. Who’s moved to the cloud? How did they do it? Should we do it? Will we lose our competitive edge if we don’t move to...